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    Disconnection of Gutters (Eavestroughs)

    Ville de Laval launched its gutter disconnection programme in 2014, which is based on Bylaw L-11870 (PDF, 6.5 MB) and is intended to upgrade gutter connection standards. 

    An issue with non-compliant rainwater gutters exists, specifically in sectors with pitched roofs. 

    Since 2014, inspections have been carried out in the Auteuil, Vimont, Laval-West, Chomedey, Sainte-Rose, Fabreville, Laval-des-Rapides, Pont-Viau, Duvernay, Saint-François and Saint-Vincent-de-Paul sectors.

    In 2020, Laval plans to follow up on the recommendations suggested in the letters to citizens of the targeted neighbourhoods for a second inspection in 2019:

    Auteuil ─ between the rainway and Terrasse Coutu​​, 2,18 Mb (French only)
    Duvernay ─ between rue des Hiboux and Place Berthelot​, 1,16 Mb (French only)
    Saint-François ─ between rue Rondeau and rue Guindon​​, 1,01 ​Mb (French only)
    Saint-Vincent-de-Paul and Duvernay ─ between avenue Breault and rue St-Jean, 1,50 Mb​​ (French only)
    Sainte-Rose ─ between rue Cantin et les rues Dozois et Laguerrier, 2,74 Mb​​ (French only)

    In 2020, Laval plans to conduct an initial inspection of rainwater gutters in homes located in the neighbourhoods shown on the following maps :

    Sainte-Rose ─ between rue de la Pointe-Langlois and  boulevard des Rossignols, 3,94 Mb (French only)
    Saint-Vincent-de-Paul et Duvernay ─ Montée Masson / échangeur 440 boulevard des Rossignols, 936 Kb Mb (French only)

    The importance of properly connected gutters

    Gutters that directly or indirectly empty out into the municipal sewage system constitute a threat to your property, they overburden the water purification plants and they contribute to the deterioration of the water of our rivers.

    Disconnection of gutters​, 12 kb (French only)

    ​The visit from the City representative

    The objective of the gutter disconnection programme is to encourage best rainwater management practices.

    The first step consists of ascertaining the gutters' current condition. In that respect, this summer, properly identified Ville de Laval representatives will be patrolling streets to check and to document each home gutter connection for the areas shown in the plans. ​

    A second visit will be carried out this summer in areas that have already been inspected once, in order to evaluate the effect of the actions taken by the citizens.

    Your presence is not mandatory during the representative's inspection, as it is carried out from outside of your home. Please note that some gutters may be photographed in order to document the visit.

    Compliant connections










    Rainwater recovery system










    Use of a baffle

    Use of a pie baffle

    ​Plants varieties (rain garden, patch, etc.)


    Evacuation into a drainage trench

    Three common examples of non-compliant gutters









    Connection to the foundation drain (or French drain)

    Emptying out directly onto the street

    ​Emptying the water onto an impermeable surface which is slanted towards the street​éversement de l'eau sur une surface imperméable inclinée vers la rue


    Gutter disconnection is one of the most effective techniques. 

    Before disconnecting your gutters wait for the city visit report summary.

    Stages of disconnection of non-compliant gutters​


    One good practice consists of channeling the water coming from the roof and from paved surfaces, towards permeable areas.

    Ville de Laval would like to first and foremost emphasise the positive effects of gutter disconnection and urges citizens to comply with Civil Code clauses 976, 979 and 983 regarding their neighbourhoods. Particular attention should also be paid during correction work so as not to direct the water to a neighbouring properties. ​

    For more information

    From outside of Laval :
    450 978-8000

    You do not need a permit to...

    Filling, excavation and landscaping in shoreline areas, flood plains and agricultural lands is strictly regulated. Contact the Urban planning department to check whether a permit is required.