Ville de Laval

    Service de police

    With more than 800 police officers and public employees (as of December 31, 2012), the Service de police de Laval's mission is to maintain and promote peace, order and public safety to enhance the quality of its citizens' lives.

    It provides services in compliance with the Canadian and Québec charters of rights and freedoms.

    Laval, a safe city, 277 Kb (in French)



    Police headquarters include:

    • Administration
    • Human resources department
    • Seized goods management unit
    • Criminal investigations
    • Detention centre
    • Financial and material resources

    A majority of requests for documents and verifications are processed from headquarters. 


    The gendarmerie has over 250 officers helping 911 respond to emergencies on a 24/7 basis. They protect citizens by enforcing the Criminal Code, the Highway Safety Code and city bylaws, in addition to keeping Laval metro stations safe.

    6 Neighbourho​​​od Police Stations

    Police officers are on hand in each neighbourhood station to listen to citizens and answer their questions. They are open to suggestions and maximize the safety of Laval citizens by providing them with the following services:

    • Information
      • Assistance regarding a loved one
      • Directing citizens toward the proper service concerning drug addiction and domestic violence, among others
      • Directing citizens toward the proper municipal service and organization in the area
      • Criminal Code
      • Highway Safety Code
      • City bylaws such as parking, watering, pets, and parks
      • Police Ethics
      • Community Profile: demographics, criminal activity, road accidents, urban disorder, etc.
    • Safety at school
      • Strategies to combat street gangs, drugs, intimidation and bullying
      • Programme alerte réaction pour les écoles (PARÉ): warning and response program for schools, which teaches school workers to barricade themselves in the classroom to complicate matters for an active shooter and make things easier for the police 

    • Theft and fraud prevention at home and in businesses
    • Road Safety
      • Back-to-school and student transportation
      • Pedestrians
      • Courtesy on the road, etc.

    • Prevention of elder abuse

    • Inspections and community services
      • Child car seats
      • Children's passports
      • Conciliation and mediation

    • Preventive presence at neighbourhood parties and cultural events

    • Verification protocol for people working with vulnerable persons, particularly with children and young people

    Coordination, prevention et partnersh​ip department

    Officers from this department establish programs, campaigns, plans of action, and focus on the use of promotional prevention tools. They create ties with the community, thus making collaboration much easier during interventions. Their expertise is also useful for other departments when it is needed. Finally, the Section processes all requests to perform background checks on people working with vulnerable persons. 

    Jobs with the Service de police

    The Service de police always need devoted and dynamic people to help protect the citizen. 

    Police carrer section of this website

    Annual report

    2012 Police department annual report, 1, 6 Mb (in French)

    Criminal​​ity report

    2012 criminality report, 221 Kob (in French)


    For more information on the peace, good government, sanitation, general well-being and improvement of the municipality, see Bylaw L-10519 (PDF, 37 Kb, in French).

    For more information

    2911, boulevard Chomedey
    P.O. Box 422,
    Saint-Martin Branch 
    Laval (Quebec)  H7V 3Z4

    ​ 911

    Info-Police line (to provide confidential information on an investigation or a certain matter)
    450 662-INFO (4636)

    Info-Tobacco line​ (to provide information regarding tobacco smuggling)
    450 978-TABA (8222)

    General information
    450 ​​662-4242​​​


    Business hours
    From Monday to Friday
    8:15 a.m. to 5:​30 p.m.

    Neighbourhood police stations

    The Service de police de Laval website​​