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    Where and When Do I Pay My Taxes?

    The 2023 annual tax bill will be sent out on February 20.

    In 2023, the annual interest rate is 8.5% and the penalty rate for late payment is 5%. They are both calculated on a day to day basis.

    To avoid paying interest and a penalty on your 2023 tax bill, you must meet the following 2 deadlines:

    • 1st instalment no later than March 22, 2023
    • 2nd instalment no later than June 20, 2023

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    Understanding your tax bill 

    Your property tax bill is now in a more convenient format that complies with the Regulation respecting the form and minimum content of various documents relative to municipal taxation.​​ While the format has changed in 2022, the content and information, as well as the payment terms, remain the same.

    Understanding your bill, 114 KB​

    Methods of Payment Accepted

    Laval Tax Rate : Evolution

    According to priorities established and projects contemplated in Laval, some tax rates experience fluctuations on an annual basis. For effective tax rates as well as variations from 2019 to 2022, check the table we prepared for you (in French)

     Laval Tax Rate Evolution​ (228 Kb, in French)

    Relevant Bylaws

    Regulation concerning regional transport fees, 28 Kb (in French)
    Regulation concerning the imposition of a supplementary law to the transfer tax, 90 Kb (in French)
    Regulation concerning water consumption and use, 68 Kb (in French)
    Regulation concerning water services tarification, 38 Kb (in French)

    Refund of the tax on vacant land not served in agricultural zones (TVND)

    The deadline for requesting a refund of the tax on (TVND) in agricultural zones has been postponed to September 1, 2023. (Pursuant to the delegation of authority of by-law L-12756)

    2023 Fo​rm, 200 KB (in French) must be completed and sent to the following address:

    Tax Counter
    1333, boulevard Chomedey, bureau 101
    P.O. Box 422, 
    Saint-Martin Branch           
    Laval (Québec)  H7V 3Z4