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    Bulky Items

    The City of Laval offers a bulky objects collection service for residential buildings. The bulky objects collection is: 
    • Monthly for residential buildings with 23 or fewer dwellings. 
    • Authorized with the household waste collection for buildings with 24 or more dwellings.

    Since January 15, bulky waste collection takes place during the last two full weeks of the month. Your collection will occur in one of these weeks. Please refer to your collection schedule.

    When and how to participate


    For buildings with 23 or fewer dwellings, the bulky objects collection takes place during one of the last two complete weeks of each month, based on your address. Check your calendar to confirm when your next collection will occur. Typically, bulky waste collection happens on a weekday preceding regular waste collection. However, for residents whose regular waste or recycling collection is on Monday, bulky waste collection takes place the following Friday.

    How to participate?

    Place your bulky objects alongside the curb in front of your building after 7 p.m. on the day before the bulky objects collection or before 7 a.m. on the day of the collection. Bulky objects must meet the following criteria in order to be collected: 
    • Possible for 2 people to carry the objects without mechanical equipment 
    • Maximum length of 1.8 metres 
    • Limit of about 2 cubic metres per address
    • To be without sharp or dangerous objects

    Collections schedules

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