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    Organic waste

    Organic waste collection has been offered to all single-family homes and buildings with seven or fewer dwellings since the fall of 2019.

    If you have not received a brown bin, please contact 311.

    Organic Waste Collection Guide for Buildings with 7 Housing Units or Less, 407 KB

    From 2020 to 2023, the city will begin offering this collection in buildings with eight or more dwellings and in industries, businesses and institutions. If you wish to benefit from this collection as soon as possible or learn more about the implementation schedule, please contact 311.

    Organic Waste Collection Guide for Multi-Unit Residential Buildings (8+), 191 KB

    Guidelines due to COVID-19

    • Tissues, masks, gloves and wipes must not be placed in the brown bin under any circumstances. These materials must be placed in closed plastic bags and are for the garbage collection

    • Whenever possible, leave your brown bin by the side of the road the day before collection

    • Avoid putting excess material next to your brown bin


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    Schedule for collection

    Summer time (April to November)

    Every week

    Winter time (December to March)

    Every 2 weeks buildings with 7 housing units or less .

    For buildings with 8 or more units and industries, businesses and institutions, there is no interruption.

    Holiday schedule and public holidays

    Please view the page marked Holiday municipal services schedule for details concerning collections on public holidays.

    Collection days for brown wheeled bin or container


    Materials accepted and refused

    Checklist to Keep - 3-Way Collection, 96 KB (in French)

    It’s all in the bag! ​

    Compostable, biodegradable or regular bags?

    All plastic bags, even those labelled “compostable”, “biodegradable”or “oxobiodegradable”, are prohibited. These bags may alter the quality of the compost and cause additional processing steps.

    Paper bags: the winning choice

    They decompose in the soil at the same time as organic waste and are easily identifiable when unloading trucks. They are perfect for the organic waste collection, but not essential. A few sheets of newspaper placed at the bottom of the mini-bin to absorb liquids will do the trick!

    Protect your kitchen bin

    Rather than pay for paper bags, you can use a double layer of newspaper inside your kitchen bin.

    5 steps to making a liner for your kitchen bin, (in French, 102 KB)

    Frequently asked questions