Ville de Laval


    In Laval, garbage collection is done:

    • 1 time per week to family residences and to buildings of 7 units and less
    • 2 times per week to buildings of 8 units and more and on commercial streets and street sections

    Schedule for collection

    Holidays schedule. ​Collection service offered according to the regular schedule, with the exception of the collections scheduled for December 25 and January ​1, which will be postponed until the following Saturday.​

    Family Homes and Buildings with 7 Dwellings or Less

    Pickup is carried out once per week. The regular schedule applies during holidays except for December 25 and January 1 for which pick-up is carried out on the following Saturday.

    ​Lundi (Monday), Mardi (Tuesday), Mercredi (Wednesday)​​, Jeudi (Thursday), Vendredi (Friday)

    Buildings with 8 Dwellings and More + Commercial​ Streets and Street sections​

    Pickup is carried out twice per week. The regular schedule applies during holidays except for December 25 and January 1 during which there is no pickup at all (no postponements).​​

    ​​​Lundi (Monday), Mardi (Tuesday), Mercredi (Wednesday)​​, Jeudi (Thursday), Vendredi (Friday)

    Commercial streets and street sections where pickup is carried out twice per weekno matter the building type : 

    • Boulevard des Laurentides 
    • Boulevard Chomedey 
    • Boulevard Curé-Labelle 
    • Boulevard de la Concorde 
    • Boulevard Arthur-Sauvé 
    • Boulevard St-Martin, between boulevard Curé-Labelle and A-19
    • Boulevard Cartier, between boulevard Curé-Labelle and boulevard des Laurentides 
    • Boulevard Lévesque, between A-25 and avenue Bellevue 
    • Boulevard Sainte-Rose, between boulevard Curé-Labelle and the railway​
    • Boulevard Dagenais, between A-15 and montée Montrougeau​

    When and where to put garbage for the collection

    Take out your bin after 7 p.m. the eve of the collection or before 7 a.m. on the same day.

    Place your garbage bin at the edge of the street, on one side of your drive​way and the recycling bin on the other, in a way as not to interfere with traffic. This small attention also facilitates snow removal during the winter season. In addition, Ville de Laval does not pick up waste left all over the property. 

    Remove your garbage bins from the edge of the street as soon as possible, no later than 12 hours after the collection.

    Type of garbage bin

    Trash cans must comply with the following criteria:
    • They must be tightly sealed and made of metal or plastic
    • They must have external handles and a lid*
    • Their maximum load capacity must not exceed 120 litres
    • Their weight must not exceed 25 kg (55 lbs) 
    You must also avoid using small bags, such as grocery bags, which are not designed for this purpose. 

    If these standards are not respected, your garbage cannot be picked up. 

    Claim for a broken garbage bin

    For any claim relating to a broken garbage bin because of snow removal operation or garbage collection, contact the Ville de Laval by dialling 311.

    Accepted and Rejected Materials

    Accepted Materials

    Refused Materials

    Garden Waste:

    • Earth, for a maximum of 25 kg
    • Stone and peat, for a maximum of 10 kg
    • Stumps, branches and tree trunks, for a maximum of 25 kg

    Hazardous Household Waste (HHW)

    • Paint
    • Solvents
    • Tires
    • Propane cylinders
    • Motor oil
    • Gasoline
    • Etc.
    Find out where you can dispose of these materials >
    ​Furniture and mattresses, for a maximum of 200 kg​Refrigerating appliances (regrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, etc.)

    Find out where you can dispose of these materials >
    Construction materials (lumber, plaster, etc.), with certain conditions:
    • the weight limit by collection is 100 kg
    • ​the materials must be tied in packets or placed inside sealed containers, without nails or screws
    • each packet must not weigh more than 25 kg nor exceed 1.80 meter long
    Biomedical waste (syringes, needles, etc.) and explosive materials (flare guns, fireworks, ammunition, etc.)

    Find out where you can dispose of these materials >​​