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    In Laval, recycling collection is done once a week to family residences, buildings of 7 units and less, buildings of 8 units and more and industrial plants, businesses and institutions (IPBI).

    Take out your recycling bin after 7 p.m. the day before the collection or before 7 pm on the day of the collection.

    ​​Starting April 1, the routes and times for the collection of recyclable materials may be changed in your sector. So if your bin was usually emptied in the morning, it may be emptied at the end of the day. 

    Please also note that for the first weeks, the operations could end later in some sectors (until 9 pm). We ask your collaboration to leave the bins along the street until they are emptied. If collection does not happen on the scheduled day, contact 311.

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    > Collection schedule per district
    > How to place recyclables in your bin
    > Accepted and refused recyclables
    > Where do I place the recycling bin
    > Do you need a larger recycling bin?
    > Broken, lost or stolen blue bin
    > The right places to store your recycling bin
    > Hints and tips on recycling

    Collection schedule per district

    Recyclables are collected once a week. On holidays, the recycling collection schedule will be carried out on the regularly scheduled day, without any change of date, except December 25th and January 1st, when collections are carried over to the following Saturday.

    How to place recyclables in your bin​

    You can place all accepted recyclables to​gether in your bin.

    Please note that the pick-up is carried out mechanically and, therefore, items placed outside of the bin are not collected. In addition, the bin lid must be properly attached.

    Cumbersome cardboard boxes that won’t fit into your bin may be deposited at one of the two dry waste depots where containers are available for recyclable items.​

    ​​​​Accepted and Refused Recyclables in Laval

    Accepted Materials ​

    Paper and Cardboard
    • Newspapers, circulars and magazines
    • Sheets paper, envelopes and paper bags
    • Books and telephone directories
    • Cardboard rolls and cardboard boxes
    • Egg carton
    • Milk and of juice cartons with spout (well-rinsed)

    • Tetra PakTM type sanitary containers (ready-to-eat soup cartons, juice cartons, etc.)
    • Plastics type 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7
    • Plastic BagsBags and plastic wrap
    • Caps and lids
    • Bottles (cosmetics, food products, etc.)

    • Bottles and jars regardless of the colour

    Metal and aluminum
    • Paper and aluminum foil
    • Aluminum bottles and cans​
    • Cans
    • Caps and lids
    NESPRESSO Coffee Capsules​​These coffee capsules are accepted in the recycling bin when placed in the green bag supplied by the company for that purpose.​

    Refused Materials ​

    • Polystyrene cups, food trays, ready-to-go food containers, etc. ​

    Plastic type no 6
    • Smooth and thin plastic, often transparent (yogurt containers, croissants containers, etc.)​

    ​Common mistakes
    • ​​​Plastic toys and decorations
    • Fluorescent tubes (neon) and bulbs
    • Clothing
    • Devices and electric wires​

    Where do I place the recycling bin?

    • Put your recycling bin on one side of your driveway, and your garbage on the other side, so as not to interfere with traffic. This small attention to details will also facilitate snow removal operations in winter.
    • The wheels must be turned toward the building
    • Have a 1-metre clearance shall for the crowbars' truck.

    Store your bin as soon as possible after the collection, no more than 12 hours later.

    Services related to recycling bin

    Ville de Laval offers various services related to rolling refuse bins :
    • Repair (wheels, covers, axles)
    • Replacement of tank if breakage is not repairable
    • Exchange for a bin of a different volume or delivery of additional bins if your recycling bin no longer meets your needs​
    These services are available free of charge by calling 311.​

    Broken, lost or stolen blue bin

    Blue bins are owned by Ville de Laval. If your blue bin was broken, lost or stolen, call 311.

    The right places to store your recycling bin

    It is your responsibility to clean your bin and keep it in good condition.
    To prevent your blue bin from being stolen, from braking or from losing it, and to make sure it is not visible from the street, here are a few rules on how to store it properly.
    Houses and buildings with 4 to 7 dwelling units

    Preferably place your bin:

    • In the side or back yard
    • In the garage, for single family homes

    Bins cannot be placed:

    • In front of the house or the building
    • In front of a door
    • Under a window
    • Under a balcony
    • Under a staircase
    • Beside a wall, except if it's made of brick

    Houses and buildings with 8 to 22 dwelling units
    Blue bins can be placed:

    • Inside the building, in a recycling room
    • Outside the building, in the side or back yard, provided that you install an enclosure with a maximum height of 1.83 m to minimize the visual impact of the bins on the environment

    Buildings of 23 dwelling units or more

    Buildings with 23 dwelling units built after 1997 must store their blue bins inside the building, as required by construction Bylaw L-9501. Managers of buildings built before 1997 must agree to an operation mode with the municipal authorities.

    Hints and tips on recycling

    What to recycle? How ​to recycle? What appens after the blue bin? Why some objects can't be put in the bin? Find all the answers to these very interesting questions on the Recycling is remaking​​​​ website.

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