Ville de Laval

Animal Services

Animal services in Laval are provided by Le Berger blanc.

Le Berger blanc is also mandated to advise residents and help them resolve problems related a nuisance involving squirrels, froundhogs, skunks and raccoons.

​COVID-19 Update

Updated: August 11, 2020, 11 a.m.

Partial reopening of the Laval adoption centre by telephone appointment only. For more information (in French)​​

​Le Berger blanc offers the following services to residents:

  • Examines, vaccinates, deworms, sterilizes and microchips all animals before adoption

  • Make available for adoption lost animals that are not found, are in good physical health, and have no significant behavioural problems

  • Collaborates with shelters in order to promote transfers and thus maximize adoptions

  • Helps organize 2 adoption days pey year, in tandem with community organizations.

  • Recovers any pet that is lost, wounded, sick or dead, or any animal that is no longer desired by its owner

  • Captures lost animals, or collects them at a resident’s home upon request, and takes all the necessary measures to find the owner

Le Berger blanc can refuse to euthanize a healthy animal at the request of a resident.

For more information

​​Le Berger blanc Laval
914, rue Cu​nard 
Laval (Québec)  H7S 2H6​

450 629-0075



Berger blanc Laval on Facebook​


Dead, wounded or sick animal​​

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