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    Trees – Planting, Maintenance or Felling

    Deadlines have been extended for residents who received a tree-felling permit (also called an authorization certificate) or an order to fell a tree on or after March 13, 2020. The new deadline for felling or subsequent planting will be determined and announced in accordance with updated public health guidelines.

    Please allow for additional processing delays given the current situation with COVID-19:

    • Tree-felling permit
    • Permit to fell a tree occupying a right-of-way
    • Permit to prune a tree occupying a right-of-way

    Authorization for tree planting or maintenance on your property ​is not required, but it is forbidden to plant, maintain or cut down a tree in the public right-of-way. However, a Certificate of Authorisation is mandatory before cutting any tree in the front yard as well as in a side or back yard adjacent to a public roadway, and to fell a tree on a shoreline.

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    Regulations concerning trees

    There are 5 main by-laws concerning trees in Laval.

    For further information, please view the following document:
    Regulations concerning trees and recent changes​ (in French, 48 KB)

    For further information concerning the by-laws listed in the above PDF document, please view the consolidated by-laws​.

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    Trees occupying a right-of-way

    The City of Laval is responsible for planting, maintaining and felling trees on a public right-of-way, or the part of a lot adjacent to a public road, located on a property but owned by the city. A right-of-way can vary in size from one street to another and can measure up to 10 metres or more. Please refer to your certificate of location to get an accurate measurement. For further information, please view the page entitled Trees in Right-of-Way Areas.

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    In order to plant a new tree on your property after receiving a felling permit or to be eligible for our subsidy program, you must ensure that your tree is among the species recommended by the City of Laval. To view the list of recommended species or learn more about the subsidy program, please go to the page entitled Planting Trees. However, please note that it is prohibited to plant trees on a public right-of-way.

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    ​Maintenance (pruning)​

    A permit is not required to maintain (prune) your trees, except if they are located on a public right-of-way. However, it is prohibited to cut branches, roots or parts of a trunk on or near a tree, with the effect of shortening its lifespan.

    What shortens a tree’s lifespan?

    These following actions, carried out on the above-ground or underground portion of a tree, can result in its death within 2 and 6 years.

    • Removing more than 50% of the living branches.
    • Sectioning more than 40% of the brace roots by uprooting or cutting.
    • Covering the root system with 20 cm or more of backfill.
    • Any action causing more or less continuous incisions in the bark, cambium or wood of a tree over more than 50% of its trunk circumference.
    • The use of toxic products.

    In certain cases, these actions can be considered a disguised form of felling.

    Overpruning trees

    Pruning is the action of cutting the branches of a tree using recognized practices with a specific objective. The standards for best practices (BNQ 06​0​5-200​​) stipulate that no more than 20% of a tree’s dripline should be pruned. Any action leading to the loss of 25% or more of the dripline is considered overpruning and is thus prohibited. 

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    Felling trees on a property

    Property owners are required to get a permit to fell a tree measuring 2.5 cm or more in diameter in a front yard, side yard or backyard adjacent to a public road. The application form for a tree-felling permit is available below.

    The felled tree must be replaced with a new tree before the date shown on the permit.

    Permit fee​

    A fee of $75 per felled tree will be applied to ensure that the proper felling procedure was observed​. Please note that a permit is required to fell an ash tree. However, the tree-felling permit is free of charge.

    Valid reasons for felling a tree

    • ​The tree is dead
    • The tree is in a state of irreversible decline
    • The tree must be felled to limit the spread of a disease or an invasive exotic pest
    • The tree poses a danger to public safety or property due to one or more major structural weaknesses, making it impossible to perform corrective arboriculture work.
    • The tree must be felled in order to build or develop a structure requiring the issuance of a permit (renovation, expansion of a curb cut, etc.)

    How to get a tree-felling permit

    1. Save the tree-felling permit application form (PDF, 260 KB - in French) to your computer by right-clicking on the link and selecting "Save the link to" in the menu that appears.​

    2. Open the saved document on your computer.

    3. Complete the form and save the changes.

    4. Send us the completed form along with a cheque for $75 payable to Ville de Laval, except if you intend to apply for the subsidy (See point 7).

    5. Send the application form to the following address:
      Ville de Laval – Support opérationnel - espaces verts et parcs
      P.O. box 422, Succursale Saint-Martin
      Laval QC H7V 3Z4


      Bring your completed application in person to the following address:

      Multiservice counter
      1333, Boulevard Chomedey
      Ground floor

    6. A technician will visit your home to review your application

    7. Residents can get a subsidy of $500 to have a contractor fell a tree on a right-of-way, if the tree measures more than 30 cm in diameter. Learn more about the procedure to follow and the eligibily criteria.

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    Felling a tree on a shoreline

    It is prohibited to cut or fell a tree on a shoreline. However, it is possible to get a felling permit from the city if a tree is dead or in decline, or if it poses a danger to public safety (according to an expert).

    If you witness the illegal felling of trees on a shoreline, please notify the City of Laval by calling 311.

    In general, the riparian buffer strip along a shoreline can reach a width of 15 metres. For further information concerning the protection of shorelines and the applicable by-laws, please view the page entitled Riverfront residents​​.

    How to get a permit to fell a tree on a shoreline

    1. ​​​​Please save the application form for a permit to fell a tree on a shoreline ​​​​(PDF, 92 KB - In French) to your computer (right-click on the link and select “Save as” from the pop-up menu).​

    2. Open the document saved to your computer.

    3. Complete the form and save it.

    4. Attach a minimum of 2 photos of the tree(s) concerned.

    5. Send the completed form and the photos to the following email address:


      Send your documents by postal mail to the following address:
      Ville de Laval, Action Environnement
      480 Boulevard Armand-Frappier
      P.O. box 422, Succursale Saint-Martin
      Laval, QC H7V 3Z4

    6. Following the receipt of your application form, a city employee will contact you within 5 business days with details on the tree inspection procedure and the $75 payment for each felled tree. The fee must be paid in order for the permit to be issued.​

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    Collection of tree branches, stumps and trunks ​

    Collection services differ based on who prunes the branches or fells the tree:

    • Collection by the city: Municipal crews usually cut branches or trees that are diseased (mainly ash trees) or that occupy a right-of-way. The collection is carried out by the public works department. ​Residents should usually allow for a period of 7 to 10 days for the collection. Delays can vary considerably, depending on the season and the weather (strong winds, glazed frost, etc.)

    • Collection by a pruner: Pruners are responsible for collecting the branches they cut. It is up to the resident to ensure that the pruner provides this service, however.

    • Collection by a resident:
      • Organic waste collection: Branches are accepted in the organic waste collection, but certain criteria apply. Please view the page on organic waste for further information.
      • Garbage collection: Tree stumps, branches and trunks are accepted in the garbage collection, but certain criteria apply. Please view the page on garbage collection for further information.
      • Debris sites for dry materials: Tree branches, trunks and stumps within Laval city limits are accepted at debris sites under certain conditions. Fees may also apply. Please view the page on debris sites for further information.

    In all cases, if the situation involves the branches or trunk of an ash tree, the pruner or resident can directly contact 311 to benefit from the free pick-up service offered by the city. Under normal circumstances, residents should allow for a period of 7 to 10 business days before the collection is carried out. Delays can vary considerably, depending on the season and the weather (strong winds, glazed frost, etc.)

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    For More Information

    From outside of Laval:
    450 978-8000

    You Do Not Need a Permit to...

    Filling, excavation and landscaping in shoreline areas, flood plains and agricultural lands is strictly regulated. Contact the Urban planning department to check whether a permit is required.