Ville de Laval

    Shortage or Contamination of Potable Water

    ​Drinking water contamination or shortage can be caused by various sources such as:

    • Water main break
    • Long heat wave (drought)
    • Chemical spills in bodies of water used as a source of drinking water
    The Division sécurité civile is keeping a close watch on temperatures, particularly during extreme or high heat. During the summer, drought episodes are possible. 

    Prevention tips and safety rules

    When necessary, Ville de Laval issues boil water or drinking water avoidance advisories.

    For more information on these instructions or to receive advisories in the event of an important notice or emergency, see the Drinking Water Advisories web page.

    For your own health and safety:

    For more tips

    Sécurité publique Québec - Drinking Water Contamination or Shortage​​​

    Contaminated water caused by flooding

    Unless otherwise specified, the water from the water supply system is safe to drink during a flood. However, should the water have a suspicious taste, odour or colour, boil it for at least one minute before you drink it.

    After a flood, the water from an individual well must be considered undrinkable, even if it appears clear and odourless. Drink bottled water. If you cannot get bottled water, drink the water from the well, provided that you boil it for at least one minute. 

    Disinfect your individual well​​​​ and have the water analyzed. Until the water does not meet the standards, boil it for at least one minute before you drink it.