Ville de Laval

    Transformation of a Building

    A permit is generally required to carry out transformation, renovation or repair work of a value exceeding $5,000 (including materials and labour), in a building.

    Some buildings have heritage value and must be repaired or renovated in accordance with special regulations. The purpose of these bylaws is to preserve the building's architectural integrity and heritage value.

    In some cases, you will need a connection permit from the Service de l'ingénierie or an onsite wastewater management system permit from the Serivce de l'environnement in order to transform, renovate or repair a building.


    ​$50 for the first $20,000 +
    $2 for each increment or partial increment of $1,000 above the basic fee 
    ​Commercial, industrial or public:
    ​$140 for the first $5,000 +
    $4.50 for each additional increment or partial increment of $1,000 above the basic fee

    For more information on permit requests, see this page in French.

    For More Information

    From outside of Laval:
    450 978-8000

    You Do Not Need a Permit to...

    Filling, excavation and landscaping in shoreline areas, flood plains and agricultural lands is strictly regulated. Contact the Urban planning department to check whether a permit is required.