Ville de Laval

    Property Tax Sale

    The Cities and Towns Act (R.S.Q. c C-19)​​ allows municipalities to recover unpaid taxes by means of sale of buildings for non-payment of taxes. This method of recovery does not require prior judgment. It is otherwise regulated by strict legal procedures.

    To learn more about the legal provisions governing property tax sale, please refer to sections 511 to 538 of the Act, concerning the Sale of immovables for non-payment of taxes

    Next Public Auction for Property Tax Sale in Laval

    When : Autumn 2020, new date to come
    Where : Salle du conseil de l'hôtel de ville
    Information : 450 978-5700​​

    Conditions​​​ for bidding​

    A physical person, having a piece of identity, must provide the following information: name, date and place of birth, a complete and postal residential address, and if applicable, a mandate or proxy if it represents another physical person. 

    A legal person must provide a name, a legal form and constitutive Law, as well as a full and postal address of the head office, if applicable. Also, a representative of the legal person must provide his name, his representative position (mandatory) and a copy of the declaration authorizing him to act (by resolution - mandate, proxy or other).

    The mode of payment is in cash, money order, draft or bank order or a certified cheque made out to Ville de Laval. ​