Ville de Laval

    Modifying Driveways

    If you wish to modify your driveway in such a way requiring a widening or narrowing of the sidewalk or curb, you must first obtain approval from the Urban Planning Service.

    If this modification is carried out via a permit request or during work in progress on your street, additional Engineering Service analysis fees may be applicable.

    For a new driveway please consult the Land Development Page.

    Please note that only Ville de Laval may carry out widening or narrowing of sidewalks and curbs. It is therefore prohibited to carry out curb or sidewalk widening or narrowing. The City may, if necessary, impose corrective work and fines as stipulated by the bylaws.

    More information in French.

    For more information

    From outside of Laval :
    450 978-8000

    You do not need a permit to...

    • Install a swing
    • Build a sand box
    • Install an air conditioner
    • Paint your driveway