Ville de Laval

    Laval Local Housing Authority

    The Laval Local Housing Authority (LLHA) is a non-profit organization providing low income housing to individuals and households with low income or reduced mobility. The LLHA also ensures the development of new social housing projects.

    The LLHA is currently handling the administration of 1891 dwellings, manageed and carri​ed out thourgh housing–related programs:

    • ​The public housing program (Programme de logement à loyer modique (HLM)) consisting of 1120 dwellings
    • ​The rent supplement program (Programme de supplément au loyer) consisting of 654 dwellings financed through the Accès Logis and the rent supplement for a private rental market dwelling program (Programme de supplément au loyer pour un logement du marché locatif privé)
    • The Québec’s affordable housing program (programme Logement abordable Québec) consisting of 111 dwellings
    • 6 dwellings within the mortgage loan interest rate reduction program (Programme de rabattement d’intérêt​​

    December 17, 2013 press release concerning the reservation of 208 dwellings for a project proposed by the Laval Local Housing Authority (In French)

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    ​​​​​​​Laval Local Housing Authority
    (Office municipal d'habitation de Laval)

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