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    Housing Code

    The Housin​g Code (PDF, 234 Kb) is intended to protect Laval tenants and landlords from nuisances and other obstacles that may pose a risk to the health, safety and wellbeing of residents or the public. It enables the City to intervene and impose repairs or renovations in cases of dwellings lacking maintenance, be they moderate or significant.    


    The Housing Code applies to the majority of homes, dwellings or rooms for rent and has the following objectives : ​ 
    • Prevent the landlord or occupant of a home from carrying out acts that may cause nuisance or hygiene issues such as allowing the development or spread of mould, insects, rodents or other parasites (or maintaining conditions conducive to such spread). 
    • Impose disclosure upon the occupants of a home to the home owner, of the presence of bed bugs, and the disclosure to the City by the owner and an extermination company having carried out such exterminations. To find out more, check our Internet bed bug page.
    • Require that all parts of a home are treated, repaired or replaced in order to ensure the building’s good condition (ex : roof, walls doors and windows must be resistant to penetration by volatiles, vermin, insects or other pests).
    • Impose the presence and good working order of specific basic home equipment (ex: kitchen sink, toilet, shower or bath, hot water, heating of occupied spaces, etc.).
    • Allow for measures regarding breeches and fines and the issuing of tickets for non-compliance with the Housing Code.

    Tenant and Landlord Quebec Civil Code Obligations​

    The tenant must comply with the obligations contained in their lease. These obligations can be found, in their entirety in the Civil Code of Quebec​​​, particularly :  
    • ​keeping the dwelling in a good state of cleanliness;
    • notifying the landlord of a defect or substantial deterioration of their dwelling as soon as it is manifested.​
    The landlord is obligated to keep their rental building and dwellings in good condition. These obligations can be found, in their entirety in the Civil Cod​e of Quebec​​, particularly :  
    • providing a dwelling and keeping it in good living and cleanliness condition during the entire duration of the lease;
    • providing a dwelling that is safe for the occupants;
    • carrying out all necessary repairs save for those that are under the responsibility of the tenant.

    Situations that may necessitate municipal intervention

    Examples of nuisance :

    • ​Mould larger than 10 sf on the same wall 
    • Presence of cockroaches, bed bugs, hornets and bees inside the dwelling 
    • Presences of rats, mice or field mice inside the dwelling 
    • Large accumulation of waste or objects 
    • Extreme uncleanliness

    Examples of dwelling deterioration :

    • Heating cannot maintain normal ambient temperature
    • Lack of hot water
    • Leaking roof
    • Broken window
    • Defective lock

    Procedure to apply in case of problems with a rented dwelling (landlord or tenant)​​

    You must undertake the following procedure if confronted with any of the previously stated : 
    1. ​First, determine if the source of the problem falls under your responsibility or that of the other party.
    2. If the responsibility falls onto the other party, notify them in writing (email, official letter, formal notice) by describing the problem. Do not forget to demand an acknowledgement of your written notice. If the problem falls onto your responsibility, carry out the required corrective actions.
    3. If the problem has not been corrected within the delay stated in the written notice, you must exercise a recourse against the other party at the Régie du logement du Québec​​​​
      Régie du logement du Québec (Laval office)
      1434, boulevard Daniel-Johnson, 2nd floor  
      Laval (Québec)  H7V 4B5
      ​ ​​
    4. If the problem has not been corrected within the delay stated in the written notice, you can contact the City of Laval by dialling 311 or by filling in the Contact Us​ form.

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