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    About the Property Assessment Roll

    A property assessment roll is a summary of the inventory of buildings on the territory of a municipality. It indicates the value of each property based on its actual value and market conditions on July 1 of the year preceding the filing of the roll. Once established, this value is used to determin the municipal taxation. ​

    The property assessment roll is tabled every three years, hence the name triennial (or three-year) roll.​

    About the Assessor's Role

    The property assessment is conducted by an accredited assessor and it's assistants. The assessor's work is regulated by:

    The assessor's duties consist of:

    • Carrying out the inventory of buildings on the territory of a municipality and establish their actual value
    • Noting, on-site, the physical characteristics of buildings and everything that contributes to the actual value of a property, such as the measurements of the lot and of the buildings, the architecture, the materials and site characteristics
    • Collecting income and expense information for immovables generating rental income, and for industrial, commercial or multi-residential immovables

    The assessor shall, at least every nine years, verify the accuracy of the data concerning each unit of assessment as provided for by section 36.1 of the Act Respecting Municipal Taxation.

    The Visit of Your Property

    The assessor must review the assessment roll to take into account the events referred to in the Act Respecting Municipal Taxation. For example, materials or components added to or removed from your property (garage, pool, basement landscaping, demolition, etc.) can alter its value.

    The assessor or his representative must therefore have access to your property, assess it and ask you the necessary questions to complete the file for your property. 

    Property Assessment Roll and its Reference Date (or contract date)

    A property assessment roll indicates the value of each property based on its actual value and market conditions on July 1 of the year preceding the filing of the roll. Unless there have been modifications to the property, this figure is valid for 3 years.

    2013-2014-2015 Triennial Property Assessment Roll

    The triennial property assessment roll entered into force on January 1, 2013. The value of all types of property increased by an average of 16.4% compared to the previous triennial roll. 
    The variation in values is determined by real estate market changes, new constructions and improvements made to existing buildings.

    With an 18% leap in 2013, single-family homes—which make up 72% of all properties in Laval—are experiencing the largest increase in property value. From 2004 to 2013, the property value for this type of housing increased by 116%. A house purchased for $115,000 in 2001 is now worth about $249,000.

    Did You Know T​​hat...

    ​In Québec, a municipal property assessment generates an income for municipalities. These revenues are used to finance some or all municipal and school services offered to citizens.​

    To Learn More About Property Assessment in Québec

    Ministère des Affaires municipales et de l'Occupation du territoire about the property assessment roll (in French)

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