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Permit and ID Tag

All dog and cat owners must obtain a permit for every one of their pets and must make sure that each one wears an ID tag.

More information about city bylaw on animals >​

Animals wearing an ID tag make it possible not only to find the owner of a lost pet and, as a result, prevent the needless costs of holding the pet in an animal centre, but also to identify the dog and cat population on Laval territory. Such information therefore facilitates animal management for the municipality. 

For cats, permits will cost $7 in 2018 and will be at their full rate of $15 in 2019. For dogs, the cost of a permit is $27. 

Upon presentation of proof to this effect, all permits are free for : 

  • 65-year-olds and over 
  • service dog owners. ​ 
The permit remains valid for one year, starting from the date it is issued.

Pet owners may buy their permit and obtain their pet's ID tag:

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