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    Accessory structure to a home

    In order to add a completely detached secondary accessory structure to the home on the same property, you must obtain a Building Improvement Permit beforehand.​​

    Municipal bylaws regarding accessory structures for homes​, 1.5 Gb (In French).

    If the building is attached to the residence,​ it is considered a part of it and is therefore subjected to the same standards and regulations as your residence. In such a case, please consult the ​Building Expansion Page.​​

    Examples of accessory structures 

    • Detached garage
    • Shed
    • Bathhouse
    • Summerhouse "gazebo"
    • ​Greenhouse


    Residential:$50 for the 1st $20,000 + 
    $2 for each additional or partial  $1000 over and above the basic rate
    Commercial:​$140 $ for the 1st  $5,000 +
    $4.50 for every $1,000 over and above the basic rate​

    • Obtaining a Building Improvement Permit is mandatory before undertaking the work. 
    • In order to request a permit, fill in the following forms properly and make sure to have all the necessary documents handy (see the list of documents required in the specific form). Please note that your request may be refused if it is incomplete. 
    • If you are not the owner of the lot or building for which you are requesting a Building Improvement Permit, please make sure to have a procuration filled in by the owner.​


    Cover Page — Request for a Building Improvement Permit (in French), 121 Kb
    Specific Form — Accessory structure (in French), 179 Kb
    Procuration​ (in French), 19 Kb (only if required)

    If you are requesting more than one Building Improvement Permit, please fill in cover page only once.

    Permit request from conditional to a SPAIP

    If your permit request is subject to a Site Planning and Architectural Integration Plan (SPAIP), you must attach the following documents to your request :

    SPAIP Request - List of required documents (in French), 30 Kb
    Layout Standards (in French)​, 66 Kb
    Sample certifiicate of location (in French), 408 Kb​

    To find out if your request is subject to a Site Planning and Architectural Integration Plan (SPAIP), contact the Service de l'urbanisme.

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    More information in french.​

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