Ville de Laval

    Urban planning department

    The Service de l'urbanisme looks after the harmonious development of Laval territory to ensure efficient use and meet residents' needs. For this purpose, it:

    • Oversees the application of urban planning and engineering by-laws, including the by-law concerning zoning (L-2000), the by-law concerning subdivisions (L-9500), the by-law concerning construction (L-9501), and the by-law concerning water service and sewer connections, drainage and stormwater management on private property (L-11870).
    • Manages the issuance of construction, renovation, and subdivision permits (cadastre), as well as hookup, drainage and road encroachment permits, and occupancy and authorization certificates.
    • Administers various programs in the municipality, and in particular, with regard to urban renovations and heritage protection
    • Looks after naming public places (toponymy): streets, immovables, parks, etc.
    • Oversees the implementation of the land use planning and development plan of the regional county municipality (MRC) of Laval, which establishes the guidelines for the physical organization of the territory

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