Ville de Laval

Laval shows off its new image

Laval is undergoing a transformation, and the way we communicate is changing, too. The city's new signature attests to the diversity of our attractions and the incredible quality of life that Laval residents enjoy. 

The achievement of our strategic vision – Urbaine de nature - Laval 2035 – was the product of an in-depth reflection informed by consultations with residents, detailed studies and numerous discussion groups. This vision finds its inspiration in the exceptional character of our territory, and it perfectly reflects our ambitions: Laval is home to a culturally rich and diversified central business district, surrounded by natural environments and agricultural lands. Laval is an island of potential and possibility. 

This vision is embodied in a new signature: Laval. An island of exceptions. It is an affirmation meant to be more inclusive, unifying and inspiring for all its residents. An original and surprising advertising campaign will be launched in support of this new voice for Laval. This is a unique opportunity to stand out within the new dynamic being created by the cities shaping today's world. 

More information in French.